I work on cool projects with people I like in areas where I can move the needle.

While my projects tend to be focused in the areas of marketing and communications, I am multi-faceted and have experience in a variety of areas. In my professional career, I have been a high school teacher, media salesperson, small business owner and digital marketing professional, and the Director of Marketing & Communications for a statewide economic development program.

Buyer Persona

You may know your target audience, but do you know WHY they buy from you? Or more importantly why others don’t?


Digital Strategy

80% of the buying decision is often made BEFORE the consumer ever talks to a salesperson. Your digital strategy is crucial.

Website Design

Does your website reflect your business? Is it built to attract and capture leads and convert customers?

Social Media

74% of online adults use social media. Are you leveraging this power for your business?

I work with forward thinking clients. Let's collaborate and move that needle together.

Why Choose Me

Strategist & Broker
I work for my clients, not a company. I take a 30,000 foot view of your business and goals, form a strategy to get you there, and then plug in the appropriate partners when necessary for implementation.  
The variety of skills in my tool belt and experiences give me a unique perspective.  
Dedication to Excellence
I strive to provide only world class products and services. You benefit from the fact that I am a type A personality and an over-achiever.


Ready to Get Started?