The main goal of marketing for any business is attracting potential buyers to your company and converting them into sales. In order to do that effectively, you must understand your buyers. The more you understand their motivation for buying your product or service, the more you can do to ensure that they buy from YOU.

An extremely effective way to understand your buyer is through the creation of buyer personas. A buyer persona is a research based representation of who your buyers are, what motivates them to buy, how they define success in that decision, what their perceived barriers are, and what criteria are used to make that buying decision. Beyond simply defining your target audience, a buyer persona answers the question, “WHY?”

Using the 5 Rings of Buying Insight™ methodology, I will create buyer personas for your business to help you understand your buyer in the context of their decision. This insight informs everything from your sales process right down to the messaging delivered to buyers through advertising or online content. You will gain insight into:

  • Priority Initiatives: What is the difference between buyers who put off their decision to invest in a solution instead of making do with whatever process they currently have in place and ones who are ready to buy? What is the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back?
  • Success Factors: Success could be defined by your buyer in terms of personal success or operational success. Efficiency or cost-reduction in an area of their business is easily measured. Expanding their sphere of influence may not be. Both are important for you to know.
  • Perceived Barriers: Remember the phrase “perception is reality?” The same holds true with your buyers. Whether factual or not, it’s important to understand why a buyer might hesitate to do business with you.
  • Buyer’s Journey: The decision to buy is a journey; sometimes short and sometimes long. Along that journey, different people influence the buying decision, each with their own criteria. Insight into that journey is invaluable.
  • Decision Criteria: What are the most critical aspects of a solution for your buyer? What are their expectations? What do terms like “easy-to-use” look like for them?

This methodology includes a review of your business goals, in-depth interviews with both your leadership team and buyers, an evaluation process, and a presentation of findings that will shed light on what matters to your buyers to inform your sales process and marketing delivery and messaging.

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